Pressbox is the home of creative director George Ellis.

That’s me. I run Bandolier Media along with Daniel Stone and Louis Montemayor. Most of the work on this site was produced while I was working as a creative at one of the agencies listed below.

In addition to my ad experience, I optioned a TV show to Paramount based on focus groups, I authored a Barnes & Noble Sports Bestseller, and I co-founded The Heckler and run I also named a deodorant (Secret Flawless) and wrote the long-running (but recently retired) Walgreens tagline, At The Corner Of Happy & Healthy.

Agency Experience (Full-Time & Freelance)
Proof Advertising
McGarrah Jessee
Leo Burnett
Sid Lee
Secret Weapon
Butler Brothers

Some Stuff I Made

Schweigert Meats “Overly Uncomplicated” Campaign

Shiner Black Lager Print Ad

Allstate Outdoor (Actual Car Hanging Off A Building)


Peanut Punch / Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation
In 2012, I coined the phrase “Peanut Punch” to describe Bears cornerback Charles Tillman’s force-fumble move. Within hours of posting our shirt, it caught fire, Tillman retweeted it, and The Heckler has been working with his awesome foundation ever since. To date, we’ve donated more than $20,000. The Peanut Punch helped raised the profile of Tillman’s charity work, and he was named the NFL’s Man of the Year in 2014. EA Sports’ Madden 2016 incorporated the Peanut Punch as a signature move.

Look, here’s a GIF of Tillman being interviewed about the shirt before a Monday Night Football game:


One day when I was bored, I used the Ken Burns Effect…on Ken Burns. It got weird.

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