Thrill Chaser Game
Simple game created to encourage visitors to “escape the usual” with a trip to San Antonio. Players try to avoid obstacles like angry bosses, chores, the couch and work emails as they collect San Antonio thrills.
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Awesome team effort from ACD Lane Jordan, ACD Rob Story, Developer J Hausmann and Writer John Potter.



Site created to promote San Antonio as a destination filled with scores of hidden attractions. Visitors could explore 100+ hidden gems via stories and more than 30 video assets.
Art Director, Rob Story



Consumers were driven to the site by a series of print ads featuring the same scenes that could be explored online.




Gentlemen’s Guide To Valentine’s Day
San Antonio wanted to convince travelers to choose their city as a romantic Valentine’s Day destination. The campaign we created was not only effective in terms of driving trip and hotel bookings, it garnered national attention, like this article in the New York Times.
Art Director, Drew Hammond
Writer, Randall Kenworthy

San Antonio Digital

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